To be or not to be……………

Last night was the end of socail marketing media class, and I must say I learned alot about myself and what to do with my future as far as my art goes.
The question goes around and around in my head as to what to do with the business. The answer always seems to be to sell it, which is easier said than done.
My vision for my flower shop is to be the local floral artist and persue my love of photography and making mandala cards.
I would like to bring art to the Applegate Valley. My shop is in a prime location as it sits at the gateway to the Applegate Valley.
I would like to hold art classes there for the local people, or anyone who would like to travel to Ruch, and would hope I could get some local artists to come and teach their craft. The next thing to do is just go forward.
I am tired of the flowershop the way it runs now…….and I am just plain tired. There is a lot of hard work that comes along with running a flowershop, and a lot of worry and pressure…… spend a lot of money on perishable items and never make any money. Most flowershops have the wire services to thank for that, but that is a whole ‘nother subject.
So I think I’m going to follow my heart.
Right now I will be looking to sell the shop the way it runs now, and then, hopefully, find a job that actually makes some money, so I can go forward with my dream…If any one has any advice on these matters of the heart, I sure would appreciate the imput.
As my friend Hannah says, ART MATTERS, and it does matter to me. Who knows, I may be fooling myself, but who knows, maybe we can get our own Art Walk going in the Applegate Valley, it would be a great way to get people to visit and a boost for the economy too.
If any of you artists out there would be interested in teaching your craft in Ruch at my store, especially in the summer, please contatct me 541-899-5709. The only way I can go forward is to put my ideas out there and see what kind of response I get. Any and all imput would be greatly appreciated.
So that’s all for now folks, I’m finding that blogging is like journaling, just spit it out and see what comes of it.
Thanks for your interest in my blog, next subject………..The pros and cons of being a floral artist with a wire service. Have a wonderful day, finally I will plant the tomatoes today!!!

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