here I go again……

I just wrote a really good blog and was downloading some pictures and it went back to the sign in page, bummer. So here I go again.

Just a little update about what’s been happening. I suspended myself for the rest of the month from 1800fowers, so I am now wire service free.  Yippeee!!!!!!! I still have the Flowershop Network, but seriously, I think they are going to be next. We will see.

I’ve had a few really good months with Easter and all, here is the arrangement I did for Hannah from her Mom for Easter.

Hannah's Bouquet


The greenhouse is full of 10″ hanging fuchsia baskets with some lobelia, impatiens, and some nasturtiums. Ivy and zonal geraniums of different varieties I really like the tricolor leaf ones and the green with white edged leaves. I think they would make pretty pressed flower leaves.

Nice pressed flower leaves

I haven’t been able to work on that in a while, but I will, nor make any new Mandala cards, but that too is coming.

After Mother’s Day I will be having a huge sale of most of the leftover vases, plush, and all that kinda related stuff, so I can make room in my store for my friend to put his organic meat freezer there and my art table and supplies. I am so ready.

This weekend I get to see my beautiful granddaughter and she’s coming to spend the night, if you’ve never met her here’s her picture. She’s gonna have her own garden space this year, we’ve already started pumpkins, she’s the best.

I’ll be glad when Mother’s Day is over and we can move on. I was thinking of just advertising for custom made bouquets and just put pics of the vases I have and have people pick the flowers which I will list also on my flyer, which is my project for tomorrow.

So thinks are moving along and we will see where they go.

Lots of different starts of tomatoes in the greenhouse, Cherry blend, which I just planted the seeds and didn’t separate them so it will be a mystery as to what you get,,,same with the red and yellow grapes, and the cayenne blend, could be fun. Wanna try one??? I have Sweet Cluster tomatoes, which was a good one last year, Heinz 1839, Grand Marzanos, Fantastic, Brandywine and a few others.

Well folks that’s all for tonight, I gonna download a few pics and that ‘s it.  Have a good day, night or whenever you read this is. Good Night.

Daisies, Gerbs, Roses, Tulips, Alsro, Carns, Aster Novi

Combo Moving In, Sympathy Bouquet

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  1. Hannah says:

    Hi Barb, I just wanted to say that the arrangement you created for me was just spectacular! What an amazing surprise! The fragrance of the flowers filled the house for a week. I sent a picture of it to Mom and she was so happy. I think it’s wonderful that you’re featuring it for Mother’s Day and hope a lot of people go for it too – their moms won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!

    I also LOVE the pastel sympathy bouquet in your post – it’s heavenly. Thanks for doing everything you do, you’re a wonderful artist. Your granddaughter is just beautiful – You must be so proud!

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