To Be or Not to Be ………..again! And the answer is NOT!! Yeah!!!

I’ve pondered for many months over this situation, and really don’t know why it’s taken me so long to figure it all out… thine own self be true….I’ve been avoiding thine own self….and consequently looking right past the obvious.

Working hard to make a successful business, but really not doing it the way I’ve dreamed….getting caught up in corporate America again.

Working for a wire service is not being self employed………the creativity gets stifled by the pressure you feel, thinking because you get a paycheck every month from them it’s all good…..WRONG.

They make you feel squashed.

I’ve really felt deprived by not doing some sort of art, and realize I’ve just not been very fair to myself.

So no matter what it takes, I will follow this dream and follow MY heart, and if it fails, then I guess it’s just not meant to be.

I’ve written my termination letter to Bloomnet, and sent it registered mail, return receipt requested.  As of May 1st, I will be an “Independent Floral Artist”, and I cannot wait!

Mother’s Day will be a very local Mother’s Day, with more indoor and outdoor green and flowering plants, hanging baskets, geraniums and herb baskets. Who knows what else I will come up with?! We will of course, deliver for our friends in Medford and Central Point.

My greenhouse is full of overwintered Ivy and Zonal Geraniums, Fuchsias, Verbena and Scented Geraniums.  Two weeks ago I started seeds of Cherry and Grape tomatoes, Lettuce, Spinach, Hot and Mild Peppers, Basil, Sweet Peas, Morning Glory and Statice.

Ready to take cuttings


Hopefully I can direct seed in the garden tomorrow, snap peas, radishes, carrots, lettuce and transplant the geraniums.

Last fall I tried my very first winter garden.  Garlic, Onions, Kale, Cabbage and Broccoli.  I am amazed how well they have tolerated the very chilly nights we’ve had this year.  I’ve been eating the Kale all winter, and with a few warm days, the onions should be good to pick for green onions.  Homemade sauerkraut is on the agenda for this year.

Waiting for Bigger Pots

Changes are coming.  We’ve thought about using part of my store for a growers market/art co-op.  It’s hard to get people to commit to that because there are so many Growers Markets going on in the Valley, but none in Ruch.  So my solution to that is I will be the grower and sell my own plants and produce.

I’ve tried so hard to make this work, and now I know diversity is the key. Within me lie many, many talents. The problem has been finding the time to let them out. The time, my friends, is now.

Houseplants seem to interest me more and would like to branch into dish gardens in awesome containers that I’d like to make myself and unusual houseplants….so if you have unusual houseplants, we can trade.

I’ve also gotten back into my pressed flower art….I just came home one day and decided that I need to make time for that, so I turned my awesome granddaughter’s bedroom (she’s 6) into our art room. I hung all her finger paintings that we’ve done together since she was really little on the wall. There are even 2 she painted with Uncle Joe. I even put Joe’s old artwork up there, along with a little bear hanging on a tree branch I painted when my daughter was a baby, 30 years ago.

All the pressed flowers were already on a book shelf in there, so why not…  I guess my inner child is really starting to come out again, yea!!!!!!

So what does all this have to do with being a floral artist??? Diversity!!!

To bring more art to the Applegate would be awesome.  I would like to hold some classes in my store and am looking for any of my Artist friends who would be willing to teach a class of their craft, getting paid of course to do it.

My store is located at the Gateway to the Applegate Valley, and the gateway to all the Vineyards.  I think local art would have a draw there, maybe I could even get on the wine trail.

I’ve discovered the Art of Digital Mandala Cards that I make from the photos I take of my flowers.  I even kaleidoscoped a horse!  They seem to be selling well and I’ve even sold a 12×12 print.

The Applegate Grange Hall is for sale, and what a great place that would be for community gatherings.  Certified kitchen, community dinners, dances, classes, etc.  However, I don’t have the capital to buy it on my own. Does anyone know anything about applying for a grant for the community interest?  Please contact me if you do.

Spring has sprung inside me and all around me. Tulips, Hellebros Blooming, Daffodils ready to burst.  Plants and starting plants gives me a great connection with the earth. It is in my heart.

Just wanted to put this out there for all my friends who know what I can do.  Looking forward to my future to be successful as an artist and let that little kid out that’s been hiding deep down there for a long time and afraid to come out.

She’s out now and she’s ready to rock and roll…………..thanks for reading!



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  1. Dear Cowboy Flowers: What an exciting thing it is to read your animated Blog. I hear a smile in your writing and applaud your spirit of can-do! Thank you for sharing your news Barb, I am so proud of you and also so happy you will be sharing all your skills with your customers, directly and in person. Hurray! See you soon. Joan
    PS thank you so much for adding me to your list of local purveyors, a great honor

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